Amanda Christensen – Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Amanda is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specialized in treating couples affected by pornography and sexual addiction. For addicts, she focuses on accountability and teaches how to truly connect instead of escaping.

She will also provide empowerment for spouses of addicts to help them create healthy boundaries and understand their betrayal trauma. Amanda will facilitate a full disclosure for the couple so they can heal and rebuild trust. Amanda is also trained in treating trauma through EMDR and coexisting anxiety and perfectionism. She is a co-host of the soon to be released podcast, Not The Experts, which focuses on betrayal trauma resilience. She is on the board of Reach10 and presents at BYU to train other therapists working with sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.

Amanda feels honored to be included in people’s most intimate journeys and is inspired by each client in a special way. She approaches therapy through an attachment perspective using EMDR, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. Amanda uses her warmth, humor, experience, education, and honesty to help clients make healthy changes and gain an understanding of themselves and what matters most to them. She respects the perseverance it takes to continue trying in the midst of tremendous pain and she will help with hope and healing along the way.

Amanda loves her husband and two sons dearly with another baby on the way. Amanda loves ballet, being outside, being creative, and visiting her hometown in Georgia.

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