Bonus Q&A Audio- 2022 S.A. Lifeline Conference

The 2022 S.A. Lifeline Conference was a great success with many participants asking some insightful questions throughout the day. We set aside a full hour at the end for Q& A, but quickly found that was not sufficient time to answer the dozens of questions that came in. Here is a bonus audio recording recently done by the original 2022 conference panel where they answered some of the questions we were unable to get to during the conference.  Click below to hear responses to the following questions:

  • My husband has no interest in recovery work, but I love him and want to stay with him. Is this a problem?
  • My husband and I are separated and he won’t tell our children anything about his porn addiction. I want to tell my kids, but feel like it’s not my place to share this information. What can I do?
  • If a betrayed partner starts to heal and then there is a relapse, what does that do to the betrayed spouse’s ability to heal and feel safe?
  • If I am in recovery, should I or should I not continue to identify as an addict?



*Want to hear the original conference Q& A? The full 2022 S.A. Lifeline Conference recording will be available for purchase in January of 2023.

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