Coming soon…new scripts at your SAL Meeting

This week SAL meetings will begin using a new script at 12 Step Meetings.  While this is a minor change, sometimes any change can be difficult, especially for those of us who are still in the thick of trauma and uncertainty.

We thought it might be helpful to explain some of the reasons behind the change, and to give a little background on SAL itself.

SAL (Sexual Addiction Lifeline) 12 Step Recovery meetings were founded in May 2014 by the founders of SA Lifeline Foundation, Steven and Rhyll Croshaw.  Some of the fundamental principles surrounding their formation were a commitment to gender-specific meetings, an emphasis on “prayers from the heart”, and an open (non-proselyting) environment for those of all religious and non-religious affiliations.  SAL meetings are “closed” meetings intended only for those seeking recovery from sexual addiction or betrayal trauma, where the principle of anonymity is safely guarded.

SAL 12 Step Groups function autonomously through the service of their own group members.  If there are 3 or more individuals with long-term recovery in an area who would like to start a new meeting, they can form and operate their own group.  SAL utilizes the S-Anon Twelve Steps (blue book) as well as the Working the S-Anon Program (green book) as their primary study materials.  We also recommend Rhyll’s book, What Can I Do About Me? to anyone suffering from the effects of betrayal trauma.

SA Lifeline Foundation serves as a support to facilitate the operation of 12 Step groups, and also works to provide quality educational materials for those seeking recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.  SA Lifeline Foundation may provide Conferences to either our “closed” groups, or to educate a general audience from time to time. The Foundation seeks to be a voice in the recovery community to share our strength, hope, and experience as to the importance of 12 steps, in conjunction with all the 4 pillars of recovery, in our personal lives.

SAL is unique to other recovery groups in our understanding of God as THE key component of our recovery.  We see recovery as a spiritual process that is only possible as we learn to rely on the Higher Power of our own understanding.

SAL is also unique to other groups in that it recognizes that partners of addicts need their own healing from the effects of betrayal trauma.  By working our own 12 steps, we can find the healing we desperately need, instead of just receiving “support” as we continue to focus on the behaviors of our loved one.

The new script you will experience this next week at your SAL meeting is an effort to abide by copyright law and unify the structure of our men’s and women’s groups.  We will now be reading some of the familiar excerpts directly from Working the S-Anon Program rather than printing their words in our script.  We will also be following the men’s lead and introducing an element of accountability as we have learned that to be Honest, Humble, Accountable is what aids us in our recovery journey.

We hope that this script, the website, and upcoming Conferences can help each one of us on our individual journey of recovery.  SAL has truly been (and continues to be) a Lifeline in my life.

We welcome any questions or feedback you have.  Keep working it!  It works!

2 thoughts on “Coming soon…new scripts at your SAL Meeting”

  1. I’d love to get a copy of the new script. I am working in the Tuesday 7:30 men’s group in Lehi. We just had our meeting tonight and we were using the usual script.


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