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Being a sponsor and having a sponsor is an essential part of real recovery from addiction and betrayal trauma.

Download the following materials that will give you some suggestions on what’s worked for us.

As it says in the Big Book of AA:

Rarely has a person failed who has thoroughly followed our path. (p. 235, Alcoholics Anonymous)

4 thoughts on “Download Sponsorship”

    1. Hello Austine. The best way to go about finding a sponsor is to continue to attend your weekly SAL 12-Step meeting(s) and get to know the women in your SAL group. We do not find sponsors for attendees. It is the responsibility of each individual to find someone within their group who can serve as a sponsor. We might suggest asking other women within your group about how they went about finding a sponsor.

  1. I just started attending the meetings and I am starting my journey to recovery and having someone to talk to would be really helpfull

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