Addiction Recovery Education​

Our Most Helpful Educational Resources

The first step in recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma is getting educated about what it is that you are dealing with. 

Without education, this issue will cause chaos and confusion. 

Many people grow up with certain ideas of what “normal sexual behavior” is, that may or may not make it more difficult to accept that there is a problem. 

It has been eye-opening for many of our members to realize that behaviors and attitudes that seemed to have nothing to do with sexual behavior were actually very wrapped up in the addiction. 

For most of us, we found that problems or patterns that had perplexed and baffled us for decades suddenly settled into clarity once we educated ourselves on the nature of addiction and trauma.

The best education resource available to you will be 12 Step meetings where you can talk to real people who have experienced the same things you have and are finding their way to a place of hope, dignity, and serenity.

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Spiritual Connection

The importance of spiritual connection in recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma cannot be overstated.

Appropriate Boundaries

Boundaries and Bottom Lines are an essential aspect of finding sobriety, and continue to guide and support long-term recovery.

Qualified Therapy

S.A. Lifeline sees qualified therapy as a crucial component to recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.

More About Sexual Addiction & Betrayal Trauma

A basic understanding of the brain, of the somatic responses of the body to trauma, of the addict cycle, and of the way addiction and trauma interact to create a dysfunctional family system are some of the basic building blocks that will help empower you. You can learn more about these fundamentals in our Circles Models.

Other principles to understand include boundaries, connection, surrender, bottom lines, mindfulness, intimacy, accountability, emotional awareness and sobriety v recovery.

Some of the resources we most recommend to begin educating yourself include the following:

Lust Addiction &
Betrayal Trauma Recovery