His Recovery

img-5The first step to the pathway of recovery is recognizing that “I” have a problem. This means admitting to myself that I am participating in behaviors that are destructive to my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, and the problem is mine alone – not caused by someone else. This is beyond difficult. I may tell myself that I won’t go back to the behavior, yet I find myself going back again and again. Admitting to myself that I have a problem is the first step of recovery.

It seems that the most difficult challenge after admitting to myself, is admitting to someone else – reaching out for help. Without help, no one seems to be able to find recovery. We encourage you to look at this section of the website titled “His Recovery” and consider the key points which are outlined in finding qualified therapy, seeking spiritual assistance, getting proper education, and becoming involved in 12-step. Support in these 4 areas is critical to finding lasting recovery.

As you consider your own situation, your willingness to seek help and to be completely honest with yourself and others will be an indicator of your true desires to change your life and experience the joys of healthy living.