Men’s Discussion Survey

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Fun Facts About the SAL Men’s Discussion

  • The Men’s Online Discussion officially started October 29th, 2016.
  • We’ve had 442 comments on the discussion since it started.
  • We’ve had 35 discussions submitted so far (that’s about 2 per month)
  • The Men’s Discussion list started with 41 email subscribers
  • This list is now up to 506 email subscribers
  • 58 subscribers have unsubscribed since we started
  • 6 emails have been marked as “bounced”
  • Average open rate for the Men’s List is 38.6%
  • Average click rate is 10.1%
  • The Men’s Discussion page has had 11,242 page views since we started – this is just the main page
  • The most visited post: 12 Signs My Life is Unmanageable (Even If I’m Sober)
  • The most commented post (40 comments): Am I an Addict for the Rest of My Life? 

This was the first email we sent to the list in December of 2016:

Thanks for being a part of the Men’s Discussion Group at The goal with the discussion group is to keep conversation going about recovery, the 12 Steps, Sponsorship, and any related topics that will help us all.

Do you have any recommendations or questions
we can address in upcoming discussions?

How do you feel the discussion is going?

Is it helping you keep recovery in mind?

I’d love your feedback, questions, suggestions on topics, and even content that you’d be willing to share with the group.

Everything is kept confidential and anonymous.