New SAL Service Guidelines

Over the past 12 months, SAL has grown in leaps and bounds. If you reviewed our Annual Report, you have seen how we have expanded the number of meetings we offer and increased our outreach. We have people signing up for our resources from as far away as Dubai, Japan, and Norway! Amazing!

It is exciting to see the message of hope and recovery spreading across the globe.

However, there are certain challenges that come with growth.

We have worked with Group Moderators to re-draft our meeting scripts, sometimes over and over again. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

We are constantly fine-tuning our websites and online tools, including our Intro to Recovery Courses and daily Step Work Curriculums, two programs that we see helping people work their recovery in significant ways. Thank you to our members who have helped give their feedback.

Most importantly, we are striving to ensure that people will be able to experience a reliable, duplicatable, 12-step meeting no matter where they attend SAL 12-Step in cyberspace or the world.

In that regard, S.A.Lifeline Foundation has established new organizational structure and guidelines for SAL service positions. These guidelines are intended to ensure that SAL values and culture will remain consistent across all meetings.

Some of these values include:

  • SAL is trauma-sensitive
  • SAL is non-denominational
  • SAL values sobriety as the essential foundation of recovery
  • SAL sees recovery as a lifelong pursuit
  • In SAL, we speak from the “I” and the “me,” not the “you” and the “we”
  • SAL’s mission is to recover individuals and heal families

SAL Service Guidelines

The above document explains the new SAL Service Guidelines.  The information will also be available on under “Start & Run SAL Meetings.”

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are grateful for every single member of our community. We know that our strength comes from our collective commitment to working recovery as fellows among fellows, one day at a time.

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