New Year, New Ways to Step Up Your Recovery

Welcome to the New Year!!

I hope you are feeling optimistic. Good things are ahead, both for you and for recovery work. God is in charge, and everything He touches will thrive (eventually). You have every reason to expect the Universe to show up for you as you continue to commit your life to recovery one day at a time.

At S.A.Lifeline Foundation, we are also very optimistic about the New Year ahead. Here are some stats you might be interested in:

SAL 12-Step Program

  • SAL 12-Step currently offers 10 online Men’s SAL 12-Step meetings and 21 in-person Men’s SAL 12-Step meetings each week.
  • SAL 12-Step currently offers 7 online Women’s SAL 12-Step meetings and 11 in-person Women’s SAL 12-Step meetings each week.
  • All meetings are run by SAL volunteers who are willing to work their 12th Step and give back to their recovery community. Thank you!
  • There are 8 individuals who currently serve as Service Council members, offering support and oversight to SAL Groups, and communication with the Foundation. Their service is entirely voluntary and greatly appreciated. The SAL program could not function without them. Thank you!

  • Over 265 students have taken advantage of Courses and Curriculums in 2019. Overall feedback has been that these Courses have been extremely helpful in supporting individual recovery.
  • Over 134 of these students are enrolled in the monthly curriculum subscription, which greatly helps to financially support the ongoing work of the Foundation to provide recovery resources across the world. Thank you!
  • We have over 2,000 people from over 40 states and 10 countries signed up for our mailing lists.

S.A. Lifeline

  • S.A. Lifeline published an updated version of He Restoreth My Soul in 2019.
  • S.A.Lifeline held 3 major events in 2019, including a Women’s Retreat, a Men’s Social, and an Annual Conference. These events brought community, education, and additional recovery tools to over 300 men and women this year.


The Foundation received over $17,000 of donations from individuals and various SAL groups. These generous donations have contributed significantly to the work of the Foundation this year. Thank you so much for your contributions!

The Foundation also received a $10,000 grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation in 2019. This grant helped to cover the cost of the Annual Conference. Thank you to the Sorenson Legacy Foundation!

In addition, the Men’s Friday morning SAL 12-Step Group at Thanksgiving Point has committed to a $10,000 donation to go towards Women’s Trauma Recovery. We recognize the significance of this gesture and thank each and every member of the Men’s Friday morning group. This gives us the freedom to incorporate some new activities into our Women’s Retreat and offer scholarships to women in need. Thank you!

Upcoming Projects and Opportunities

The Foundation is excited to continue to move forward in its mission of Recovering Individuals and Healing Families across the world in 2020.

The Working the SAL Program Manual is currently being edited and prepared for printing. We expect to have this landmark publication in the hands of our members by the end of February.

We are also currently in process of a major effort to re-vamp and improve the Courses and Curriculums. These improvements will include the following:

  • Specialized coding to improve the user experience and functionality of the learning software on the Men’s & Women’s 12 Step Curriculum. (Thank you for the helpful feedback!)
  • Incorporation of Guided Meditations into the 12 Step Curriculum. These 2 Courses (Guided Meditations & 12-Step Curriculums) will be combined into the new 12-Step Curriculum as part of this update. Each Step in the Curriculum will then include a Guided Meditation as part of the Step Work, as noted in Step 11–“Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him.”
  • A total re-vamp of the Men’s & Women’s Intro to Recovery Course. This new re-vamp will combine the current Intro to Recovery Courses with the Men’s How to Stop & Stay Stopped and the Women’s How to Set Healthy Boundaries Courses to create an entirely new program:  Recovery Boot Camp. 
  • Recovery Boot Camp will represent 6 weeks of course content and daily recovery tasks. As part of this content, we are working to create over 300 minutes of educational Powerpoint videos, 300 minutes of podcast-style audio content on recovery topics, and over 100 minutes of edited film footage from our most impactful Conference addresses.

The content creation and web development required for these updates and improvements represent a significant financial investment for the Foundation.

Regular donations from our members make a huge difference.

If every SAL member set up a simple $10/month donation or enrolled in the monthly curriculum, it would more than fund all of the expenses the Foundation incurs for the entire year.

We invite you to consider whether a one-time donation or a small monthly donation might be one way you can pay forward the gift you have been given. We hope that you will feel inspired to help us continue to spread the message of recovery and support individual recovery work for members across the world in 2020.

We feel blessed and grateful for the service, support and fellowship of our SAL community. God bless all of us to continue on the path of recovery in 2020!

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