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SA Lifeline Foundation presents:

The purpose of this event is to give education and insight to any and all parents or leaders who are interested in learning more about how to assist their children in dealing with the issue of pornography.

The format of the event will include:
an introduction to parent resources in the new Understanding Pornography Manual
shares from the parent panel on what has been most helpful in their family as they have faced the issues of pornography use in the home
a full hour of Q&A.

Pricing: $5 per individual, $10 per family

The purpose of SA Lifeline Foundation is to recover individuals and heal families from the effects of pornography use and sexual addiction. We are an active community of individuals and families with strength, hope, and experience to share. We hope that leaders and parents who are new to this issue will utilize this opportunity to learn about the beautiful path of healing that is available to those who struggle with addiction. With the right education, tools, and support, there is much reason to hope.

Space is limited to about 65 people. Register today.

Register Here

Sorry, registration is closed. Thanks to those who attended this year’s Parent Panel.

2 thoughts on “Parent Panel Online Registration”

  1. Are you going to Zoom the Parent Panel meeting. I am out of state but would be interested in attending via Zoom.

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