2 Books + 1 DVD Set (Non-Denominational)




This is a combination package of the books “What Can I Do About Me?,” and “Protecting Families” as well as the DVD “Heart of the Matter” – included as a bonus.

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About Protecting Families

This manual contains reliable information about pornography and sexual addiction, including answers to frequently asked questions about what is necessary to support recovery for those addicted— and their afflicted loved ones. Its creation was in direct response to requests from parents, religious and community leaders who asked for information about protecting families from pornography addiction and the hope for recovery.

Pornography is a significant problem in our society. Some reliable studies suggest:

  • Nearly 70% of young men ages 18 to 34 visit porn sites in a given month
  • 47% of families in the United States say pornography is a problem in their home
  • Nearly 87% of young men and 31% of young women reported using pornography
  • 9 years old is the average age at which children first see online pornography

“Internet pornography is a stealth attack on our homes and families through invisibly transmitted electrons. Education about the addictive, destructive nature of this attack is paramount, and hence this manual. We must address prevention and recovery with the same tenacity the pornography industry has employed to invade our homes and our lives. Only then can we turn the tide and begin to win this war.”

— Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD
Author of the best-selling book, He Restoreth My Soul

The book includes a bonus 3 hour educational DVD with the acclaimed documentary, Heart of the Matter and Safeguarding Teens and Young Adults from Pornography by Jason Carroll Ph.D. ($17.95 value).

You Save $25.90 buy purchasing the bundle!


These two books and DVD provide information about recovery and healing for those struggling with pornography and sexual addiction, betrayal trauma for their spouse or parent, and their ecclesiastical leaders, family, and friends.

Heart of the Matter DVD, valued at $17.95, is a BONUS you get with the bundle.

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