2022 S.A. Lifeline Conference Video

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Top experts from across the nation presented
at the 2022 S.A.Lifeline Conference

If you weren’t able to attend this years S.A. Lifeline Conference, we have good news for you – the event was professionally recorded!

With this course, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Learn from the leading specialists in the field
  • Hear from individuals who have been working recovery for years
  • Discover the science behind addiction, trauma, and the recovery essentials you need to find healing
  • Gain a deeper understanding into addiction, trauma, and what it really takes to find recovery

What you can expect at the 2022 S.A. Lifeline Fall Conference

  • S.A. Lifeline Report – Past, Present, and Future w/ Tara McCausland
  • Keynote 1: Dr Lembke — Dopamine Nation
  • Keynote 2: Dr. Kevin Skinner – Essential Steps to Healing from Sexual Betrayal
  • Breakout 1: Justin and Erin B Interview – Healing Families, It Really Happens
  • Breakout 1: Dr. Skinner – Helping Clients Understand the Big Picture of Recovery
  • Breakout 2: Josh & Brianna W – The Synergistic Relationship Between Qualified Therapy & SAL 12-Step
  • Breakout 2: Steven & Rhyll Croshaw – Keys to Lifelong Recovery
  • Q&A Session w/ Steven & Rhyll C, Andrew & Jan S, Brianna & Josh W, Justin B

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