3 Books + 1 DVD Set




This is a combination package of the books “He Restoreth My Soul,” “What Can I Do About Me?,” and “Understanding Pornography Addiction & Betrayal Trauma Manual,” as well as the DVD “Heart of the Matter” – included as a bonus.

About the New Manual

Understanding Pornography Addiction and Betrayal Trauma, a Resource for LDS Leaders and Parents, is directed to an LDS audience and contains reliable information about pornography addiction and betrayal trauma.

The manual contains teaching tips for parents, critical information for LDS church leaders, and direction on how to support recovery for those addicted and their afflicted loved ones.

Its creation was in direct response to requests from parents, bishops and stake presidents who ask for a resource that could be used when teaching children and general audiences about sexual addiction, in addition to helping those who suffer from pornography addiction and betrayal trauma.

Understanding Pornography Addiction and Betrayal Trauma will dramatically improve your understanding of these most important topics.

The manual is printed in beautiful full color and includes a bonus 3 hour educational DVD with the acclaimed documentary, Heart of the Matter and Safeguarding Teens and Young Adults from Pornography by Jason Carroll Ph.D. ($17.95 value). The manual features powerful educational articles and videos written and presented by professionals, critical lessons for children, answers to 70 frequently asked questions, seven personal stories of recovery and hope for healing, and much, much more.

Understanding Pornography Addiction and Betrayal Trauma, a Resource for LDS Leaders and Parents is produced and distributed by SA Lifeline Foundation.

You Save $25.90 buy purchasing the bundle!


These three books and DVD provide information about recovery and healing for those struggling with pornography and sexual addiction, betrayal trauma for their spouse or parent, and their ecclesiastical leaders, family, and friends.

Heart of the Matter DVD, valued at $17.95, is a BONUS you get with the bundle.


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