Get Started Bundle – Tools for Pornography Addiction & Betrayal Trauma (for LDS)



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Getting started on the path to recovery from pornography & sexual addiction and the betrayal trauma caused by a loved one can be a painful process. We want to help you start on the right foot.

These books have been helpful to many of us who have been where you are – seeking recovery and healing.

NOTE: two of these books are specifically published for the LDS audience (He Restoreth My Soul & Understanding Pornography Addiction & Betrayal Trauma Manual)

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NEW: Understanding Pornography Addiction & Betrayal Trauma Manual

Understanding Pornography Addiction and Betrayal Trauma, a Resource for LDS Leaders and Parents, is directed to an LDS audience and contains reliable information about pornography addiction and betrayal trauma.

The manual contains teaching tips for parents, critical information for LDS church leaders and information of how to support recovery for those addicted –

and their afflicted loved ones. Its creation was in direct response to requests from parents, bishops and stake presidents who ask for a resource that could be used when teaching children and general audiences as well as helping those who suffer from pornography addiction and betrayal trauma.

The manual is printed in beautiful full color and includes a bonus 3 hour educational DVD with the acclaimed documentary, Heart of the Matter and Safeguarding Teens and Young Adults from Pornography by Jason Carroll Ph.D. ($17.95 value).

More About The Heart of the Matter DVD


What Can I Do About Me?


We recommend this book to educate you on betrayal trauma and what the healing process entails.

“This book taught me how to respond to my husband’s addiction in a way that has provided true healing. I found peace in these pages.”
~ Stephanie H.

“This unique book not only provides a powerful and authentic narrative about the gut-wrenching realities surrounding a spouse’s pornography and sexual addiction, but it also illuminates a pathway to healing for anyone feeling shame, isolation, fear, or indescribable pain as they deal with this or similar issues. Rhyll dares to do what most people won’t; she leans into her vulnerabilities, has faith to see light in dark places, and musters courage to share all of it so that others may have hope.”
~Jill C. Manning, Ph.D., LMFT; Author of What’s the Big Deal About Pornography and Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Room.

“Rhyll’s story is an unflinching and honest window into the pain that sexual addiction can cause. It represents three stories of learning and redemption as it explores Rhyll’s journey from anguish to understanding, Steven’s path from addiction to recovery, and their continued relational healing as a couple. The courage displayed by this remarkable couple should provide genuine hope to many as they discover that their own path to peace is reachable.”
~Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD. Author of He Restoreth My Soul.


He Restoreth my Soul

We recommend this book to educate you on the science behind pornography and sexual addiction.

From the book:

“Most, if not all, families will be affected by pornography. If you are a man, you must first safeguard yourself. If you are secretly involved, hopefully this work will convince you there will never be peace for you until you are healed. If you are free from addiction now, you must still guard yourself against future addiction, as all are vulnerable who are not “sober and vigilant,” as Peter warned.If you are a father, it is essential to understand what your sons will be exposed to and that he will be at serious risk for addiction at some point in his life. If you are a woman please understand that this problem is real and must be confronted head on. You also need to be aware of the profound risk your sons face.”


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