Lord I Believe Help Thou Mine Unbelief

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Rod W. Jeppsen has written two books to help LDS members surrender compulsive sexual behaviors. This book is for a family member who is trying to deal with the discovery that their loved one is viewing pornography or engaged in other compulsive behaviors.

How can the wife deal with her pain once she learns that her husband is addicted to pornography?

When a loved one discovers that a spouse or family member is engaged in compulsive sexual behaviors, it usually is total unbelief. Even though one may believe in Christ and His Atonement, the hurt and pain caused from this shock is overwhelming. This book takes you on a healing journey as you walk through the hurt, resentment and anger created by your loved one’s choices.

You will find encouragement from others who have traveled down this lonely road and discover what they have done to make healthily choices and begin the healing process. The book contains numerous quotes from the Apostles and Prophets that can guide and direct you.

The workbook format will help you to record your thoughts, take responsibility for your emotions and learn productive ways to turn your trial over to the Lord. He has the power to heal.

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2 thoughts on “Lord I Believe Help Thou Mine Unbelief”

  1. I call this book my “Recovery Bible”. I do not know what I would have done without it. I have recommended it to countless women who are in the same situation that I am. Rod Jeppsen is changing lives! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. This book is not a quick read. If you are interested in doing work and soul searching, grab this book and start the difficult but very rewarding road to becoming whole after being broken by betrayal.

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