Safeguarding Teens and Young Adults

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Jason Carroll Ph.D, professor at BYU speaks about how parents can protect and begin to educate their children and teens about the dangers of Pornography. He identifies key ways that parents can handle this important topic.

Pornography and Pornography Addiction has a become a pandemic in our society. Children are being exposed at a very early age, and many are rapidly falling into addictive behaviors. Jason Carroll is an expert on this topic and helps clear the waters on how to move forward and not be scared of addressing this issue.

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1 thought on “Safeguarding Teens and Young Adults”

  1. It can sometimes feel quite terrifying to be the parent of teens and young adults. One of the greatest hazards for this group is pornography addiction. As parents, we typically feel clueless about what to say and how to help protect our kids from this hazard. This CD is fantastic!

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