Rhyll Croshaw

Rhyll Croshaw

Rhyll Croshaw is a founder and Vice President of S.A. Lifeline Foundation and a family and community advocate.

S.A. Lifeline is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing hope, education, and resources related to pornography and sexual addiction recovery and the related betrayal trauma healing. S.A. Lifeline is responsible for publishing and distributing “He Restoreth My Soul” and produced “Understanding Pornography Addiction and Betrayal Trauma a Resource for LDS Parents and Leaders”, “Protecting Families” and “What Can I Do About Me?.” 

Rhyll and her husband Steven are frequent speakers at community and church events in many cities across the nation. They offer their personal, firsthand account and learning experiences that have shaped and refined their shared recovery.

Rhyll is the author of, “What Can I Do About Me? Healing From the Trauma of My Husband’s Pornography and Sexual Addiction.”

Rhyll graduated from Brigham Young University at the relatively young age of 58, where she earned a BS degree in Family life.

Steven & Rhyll have been married for 45 years and are grateful to be working recovery one day at a time. They are the parents of seven children and twenty four grandchildren.