S.A. Lifeline 2019 Annual Report

In the past 12 months, S.A.Lifeline Foundation has taken significant strides.

We have improved our organizational structure and have developed more recovery tools to help individuals on their road to recovery. It has been exciting for us to see how these changes are helping to carry the message of hope and recovery to more people in more places.

We are thrilled to share our Annual Report with you.

We hope this information will help you see the tangible results of your donation money, and will help you feel inspired to be a part of this amazing community of recovering individuals.

S.A.Lifeline Foundation is so grateful for both the service and the financial support of its members.

Together, we continue to work toward growing in our personal recovery one day at a time, and spreading the message of hope and recovery to the world.

If you feel inspired to contribute to this effort, you can set up a monthly donation here.

If you’d like to utilize our daily Step Work Curriculum and financially support the Foundation while you work recovery, you can sign up for the Men’s Curriculum or the Women’s Curriculum.

Download the 2019 Annual Report

Thanks again for your support!

1 thought on “S.A. Lifeline 2019 Annual Report”

  1. I love to see the Foundation growing and the many hours of hard work people put into helping the Foundation grow and those who attending meetings and events and are actively working their recovery.

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