S.A.Lifeline 2019 Conference–An Unprecedented Event You Don’t Want to Miss

Many of you have heard about our upcoming Fall Conference.

On September 21st, Dr. Don Hilton, Dr. Barbara Steffens, and Dr. Adam Moore will be the keynote speakers at the S.A.Lifeline Fall Conference at Salt Lake Community College.

Saying that we are excited is a bit of an understatement.

So why should you plan to attend this important event?

1. Powerhouse Line-Up

From a recovery perspective, it is difficult to find individuals with more experience and wisdom than this year’s Powerhouse Line-Up.

Dr. Don Hilton, renowned neurosurgeon, is one of the foremost experts in the world on the impact of pornography on the brain. No one knows the science of addiction better than Dr. Hilton.



Dr. Barbara Steffens is literally the pioneer of Betrayal Trauma. Before her ground-breaking¬†research and co-authored book, Your Sexually Addicted Spouse, betrayed women were still treated as co-addicts and co-dependents. Add almost 20 years of clinical experience to her resume, and you can see what a big deal Dr.Steffens is in the recovery world. If that’s not enough to impress you, our own Dr. Adam Moore referred to Dr.Steffens as “his personal hero” when he heard she was coming to our Conference. Now that’s a recommendation worth paying attention to!


Dr.Adam Moore is one of S.A.Lifeline’s most trusted allies in the therapeutic world. Dr.Moore has shown time and again that he has a sound understanding of 12-step principles, and he knows what it takes to help individuals and couples find recovery. Dr.Moore has helped hundreds of SAL members navigate their pathway to healing. If you’ve heard him present before, you know that he is an engaging speaker and always brings something fresh and insightful to the podium.

2. Therapeutic Community

This year’s Conference is unprecedented in that we are able to offer 4 CEU credits to attendees. We are excited to have the therapeutic community bring their insight and presence to our recovery discussion.¬† We are also excited to share with them the strength, hope, and experience SAL members have gained through working the 12-steps . This Conference will be an opportunity to build bridges of understanding and find new networks of support from qualified therapists in various locations.

3. SAL Members Share

This year’s Conference will also include two 40-minute break-outs with SAL members addressing the following topics:

  • Defining Addiction from a 12-step Perspective: Wisdom from the White Book
  • Surrender & Connection: The Power Behind Trauma Recovery
  • Why 12-Step?: Understanding the Big Picture through the Recovery Puzzle

This will be a great opportunity to reflect on your own program, feel a sense of community, and hear SAL members share how principles of recovery are working in their lives, as they work the program.

4. Q&A

This year’s Conference will end with an hour-long Q&A with a truly Powerhouse Panel:

  • Dr.Don Hilton
  • Dr.Barbara Steffens
  • Dr.Adam Moore
  • Steven & Rhyll Croshaw

Come prepared with the questions that you would like to see addressed, and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the wisdom of great experience.

5. With Recovery, the more you invest, the more you get back.

My husband and I tried for over a decade to dip our toe in addiction recovery. My husband attended meetings and slipped out the door as fast as he possibly could. I didn’t attend meetings at all, feeling that I was doing all I could by allowing him to take one of our nights every week to do his recovery thing.

Even after hitting rock bottom when I also began seeking recovery in earnest, we avoided extra events where people might see us, skulked around apologetically at UCAP, and hid our faces in fear when we caught glimpses of someone we might know.

As we have been blessed to find SAL, we have found a different kind of recovery community. We smile and wave to friends who have become a true family. We have lost the sense of shame, and we have stepped into acceptance of our new lives–lives grounded in authenticity and recovery principles and practices, one day at a time. Without this community, would we be where we are at today? I don’t believe so.

One thing I can say without reservation is that the more I have given to my recovery life, the more gifts I have received in every aspect of my life. These are not gifts that are visible to the eye or the pocketbook, but they are the best gifts–they are the gifts of the program.

Stepping out of the shadows and into a community of fellows among fellows, working to live life one day at a time–humble, honest, and accountable–this has become one of the greatest blessings of my life.

And it can be yours too. It is free for the taking. All it takes is your decision to say, “I’m all in.” For me, there has been no looking back.

If you’re ready to dive in a little deeper, register today!

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