S.A.Lifeline Response to Coronavirus

Posted: 3.18.20


As you can see below, initially we suggested that each in-person meeting do a group conscience to determine what would work best. Not long after that announcement, the U.S. Government advised that no gatherings over 10 people should take place for a time.

With this suggestion, we have officially moved all in-person meetings to online meetings. You can get access to the schedules here: https://sal12step.org/find-a-meeting/

Thank you for your understanding.


Posted: 3.12.20

What a crazy week it has been in our nation. At S.A.Lifeline, we are no strangers to chaos. We want to encourage all of our members to use our recovery skills to find serenity amidst the confusion, and use our tools to put God at our center. Remember, we have learned how to take necessary steps to keep ourselves safe, without acting from a place of fear. This is the heart of our recovery! What a blessing that the principles of our program apply to all aspects of our lives…not just sexual addiction.

We also want to be sure we are doing all we can to keep our members safe. We have had several questions regarding in-person meetings.

We are asking each in-person group to take a Group Conscience at their next meeting to choose one of the following options:

  1. Because none of our in-person meetings are above government restrictions in attendance, groups may choose to continue meeting in-person unless conditions change. For groups that choose to meet in-person, please give extra caution to current health recommendations: restrict any physical contact, spread chairs further apart, don’t stand in a circle for the closing prayer. Please do not attend in-person if you have any signs of illness.
  2. Groups may choose to move their meeting online for the time being. Online meetings are held via Zoom and most groups will be able to meet at the same day/time online as they do in-person. Groups that choose to move their meeting online will hold their meeting online for at least the next month, at which time the group can re-assess the situation.

We ask all Group Moderators to report back to their Service Council Director with their Groups’ decision by the end of the week. Service Council Directors will then report back to the Foundation, and we will update Zoom and the salifeline.org meeting schedule accordingly. If online meetings are requested, please give a couple of days for us to schedule the meetings and get the links posted on the website.

We feel grateful for the technology that allows us to stay connected and stay grounded in recovery even amidst uncertainty. This is what recovery is all about! Please work with your individual groups to find the best solution for your meeting. We look forward to the support and strength we will find from one another as we navigate these erratic times together.

4 thoughts on “S.A.Lifeline Response to Coronavirus”

  1. Yea!!!!!! Thank you for doing this!!!! I am so grateful to be able to virtually attend. In the past I have only attended when visiting Utah. What a blessing!

  2. Im trying to find an online meeting for Betrayal trauma but all links are leading me around in circles with no options to see the online meeting schedule.

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