Sexual Addiction Recovery For Her

What does a woman do who is dealing with sexual addiction?

img-4As a girl or woman with a sexual addiction or unwanted sexual behaviors, your experience is uniquely difficult.

Although it is much less talked about, at least 31% of college age women struggle with compulsive sexual fantasies, pornography use, and associated behaviors (Generation XXX, Carroll, et al., 2008). One of the first steps along the pathway of recovery is coming out of hiding and reaching out for help.

Since people rarely talk about compulsive sexual behaviors in women, it often feels terrifying and humiliating to admit that we have a problem, let alone reach out for help. We congratulate you for taking this step and looking into the resources and information available on this site. We know your path to this point hasn’t been easy, but we know it will be worth it if you continue taking small steps forward.

We encourage you to look around on this section of the site, “Her Recovery,” as it has been specially tailored for you. Those of us who have been caught in the confusion and extreme frustration of pornography or other sexual addiction know what it is like and know the pathway out. We want to tell you first and foremost: Have hope! Recovery is possible! Genuine happiness is possible, and more than that, it is within your grasp.

As you start or continue your journey of recovery, we want to be a support to you. You will need to do a few things to really see changes. You’ll need to seek out support from a spiritual leader, 12-step group, qualified therapist, and insights, information, and education. Click on the petals above to read more about these support systems.

Given the nature of addiction, it is generally impossible to actually quit your behavior without the assistance of others coupled with your own dedicated efforts. Once you can admit and talk about the problem, the shame and guilt generally begin to dissipate. There is a peace and self-acceptance that comes from openly discussing your pornography-related behavior with other trusted individuals.

Whether you are barely starting your journey to healthy living or have been working on it for years, we’d like to be your source of support and strength: we have been there and know the true path to recovery, happiness, joy, and peace.