Soliciting Member Shares–We Need Your Strength, Hope, and Experience

Here at S.A.Lifeline, we are busy preparing for the September 21st Conference. We are excited to meet together to hear from top experts in the field, and to enjoy the strength, hope, and community of one another.

We are also very excited to be working on a new publication, “Working the SAL Program.” This will be an important resource for both men and women.

The new manual will be an addition to the Men’s Working Recovery Bundle, and will replace Working the S-Anon Program in the Women’s Working Recovery Bundle.

We need “Member Shares” as an important aspect of this new recovery resource.

What is a Member Share?

A “Member Share” is a simple paragraph written to give strength, hope, and experience on a certain aspect of recovery. As you peruse the list below, please consider what topics have been meaningful to you. What insights have you gained that a newcomer might need to hear?

We hope all of our members who have gained a sense of recovery through working the SAL Program will consider submitting at least one Member Share for this new manual.

All Member Shares will be quoted anonymously. You may submit on as many topics as you like. Please limit each topic you choose to one paragraph only.

Send submissions to with subject line: Member Shares, (Topic)

The deadline for Member Shares Submissions will be October 15th.

Topics To Choose From:

-Attending Meetings
-Finding a Sponsor
-Finding a Qualified Therapist
-Utilizing the Slogans
-Using a Journal
-Studying recovery materials
-Participating in community
-Working the Steps
-Becoming a Sponsor
-Sharing Our Strength, Hope, and Experience
-Serving in the Fellowship

-Developing Presence/Mindfulness
-Working the 12 Steps
-Learning to Surrender
-Depending upon a Higher Power
-Applying the Serenity Prayer
-Respecting Anonymity

Developing New Attitudes:
-Understanding Trauma
-Growing in Self-Awareness (Mirror vs. Magnifying Glass)
-Increasing our Ability to be: Humble, Honest, Accountable
-Developing a willing heart
-Defining our sobriety
-Pain is the pathway to Progress

Part Three: Healing Families & Relationships
-Our Decision to Heal Affects Generations
-Healing in Spousal Relationships
-Honest about Needs and Emotions
-Healthy Sexuality
-Full Disclosure
-Healing in Parent/Child Relationships
-Parental Betrayal Trauma
-Healing in Other Relationships
-Recovery Affects All Our Relationships

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