The SAL Women’s Retreat 2020–Registration Available Now!

We are so excited to open the registration for our 2020 SAL Women’s Retreat.

The SAL Women’s Retreat is a unique and powerful opportunity to take your recovery to the next level. This year, the Retreat will focus on “It Works When I Work It…Re-discovering Your Higher Self.”

Our time together will be filled with Step Study, yoga, meditation, Recovery Break-outs, exercise, self-care, nourishing meals, rest and an afternoon with highly sought-after therapist, Geoff Steurer from St.George Lifestar.

We can accommodate 25 women at the Retreat. This year, we are so grateful for generous donations which will provide 2 scholarships for the Retreat. If you are unable to afford the cost of the Retreat and would like to pursue the scholarship, fill out the registration page and complete the essay by February 29th.

Here’s what some of our past participants have to say about their experience at the Women’s Retreat:

“This was a great opportunity to connect with so many women in an uplifting, spiritual way.”

“I appreciated the time I got to spend with the wonderful therapist after the discussion. He was so helpful.”

“Getting to hear other women’s experiences and having more time to connect was amazing. I also LOVED the meditations and the power exercise. Learning to connect mind, heart, and body was so good for me. It was a piece I have been missing.”

“I feel like I know more about what true recovery entails, for me and my husband. Now I can move towards full disclosure and creating needed boundaries.”

“It clarified important skills on how to get unstuck and move forward. I feel a bond and sisterhood with people who’ve gone through the same challenges.”

“I am motivated to work the steps and get a sponsor. My life will never be the same!”

“I have some more clarity on work I need to do—trauma and recovery. I understand Step 6 in a different way—I’ve been stuck here. I feel more deeply connected to the bigger vision and purpose of SAL/SA Lifeline. I wish I could share this vision more widely with SAL women and newcomers.”

“I have recommitted to more sincere surrenders and reaching out to a sponsor on a more regular basis. I need to find a couple more sponsors to increase my support group. I am going to go to group more regularly. I loved listening to the women here and their wisdom. I feel so strengthened and empowered!”

Whether you’re new to recovery, or you have been working the 12-Steps for years, the SAL Women’s Retreat has something unique and powerful to help you take the next step on your journey toward healing and wholeness.

We hope you will feel inspired to dedicate a weekend to your healing and growth, and join us in Birdseye, Utah this spring. Click here to register.

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