Work With the Foundation–12th Step Service & Employment Opportunities

Here at S.A.Lifeline, we are becoming more and more aware of an unmistakeable truth…we are growing!

  • The editing process has almost been completed for the Working the SAL Program Manual.
  • Our 2020 SAL Women’s Retreat has now sold out completely–in less than 2 weeks since registration opened.
  • We are implementing Guided Meditations into each step of the 12-Step curriculum, offering a way for members to consistently work Step 11 as part of their overall recovery process and spiritual connection.
  • We are in-process with major updates and Course creation for new and better online resources, including comprehensive Recovery Basic Trainings that will more effectively orient newcomers and long-time members alike on how to integrate recovery principles into all areas of their lives.
  • We are seeking out funding more aggressively and consistently to fund these complex projects.
  • Plans are underway for our September 2020 Conference with an exciting line-up of nationally-recognized speakers.

In a word…we are BUSY!

The work of the Foundation is accelerating and we are excited to continue to create better and better resources to help more people around the world find their pathway to healing.

This vision continues to expand, and we need more hands.

That means we need your help!!

We would ask you to consider helping in the following ways:

Consider working with the Foundation

The Foundation is in need of volunteers and part-time professionals (paid positions) who have skill sets in the following areas. If interested, please contact us.

Event Planner to help with the Annual Conference
Blog Writer/Manager
Social Media
Marketing & Networking Specialist

We know that many people in our community are in a place of rest and healing. There is no pressure to volunteer or sign up to help in any way. Only you can know when you are ready to step back into different roles that add stress and responsibility to your plate. There’s no shame in that. It takes as long as it takes.

But if your heart is whispering that you are ready to work your 12th step in a new and different way, or invest more of your heart into the work of recovery, we would love to have your vision, your energy, your recovery, your momentum on our team. We need all the hands we can get.

We want to build a safe place of healing for the whole world. Come help us.

3 thoughts on “Work With the Foundation–12th Step Service & Employment Opportunities”

  1. I love the website and all it has to offer. I wish I was in better financial shape than what I am now. On another subject. Without attending any classes, I am looking at about 4 months of sobriety from the acting out and the Addiction. It’s something I had to figure out. Thanks for being.

  2. I am an APSATS certified therapist in the Austin, TX area. I run a group for betrayed partners but haven’t found a format I love yet. Pulling from 3 different programs now and would love to streamline. Is it possible to become a S.A. Lifeline sanctioned group in Texas?

  3. Yo might want to get in touch with the organization. I’m a patron. I hold no positions with the organization.

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