Can Dailies Transform Your Life?

dailies in addiction recovery

People who are well-versed in addiction recovery are familiar with the term “dailies.”  For an addict, dailies include small actions they commit to on a daily basis to keep them on track for recovery and sobriety.  These dailies might include Step Study, reaching out to a sponsor, or journaling. As the partner of an addict, I have also found that Dailies play a big part in transforming my life from a life of isolation and fear to one of peace and serenity.

For me, my recovery can be likened to a clock that is able to continue keeping time by keeping its gears aligned.   Dailies are the tools that help me keep myself in line, or on center, to be able to stay in a place of connection with God.  When I am connected with Him, in a place of serenity, the right action naturally flows from that place.

This is harder than it sounds.  For me, my old coping strategies are like a magnet that are constantly trying to pull me back into a place of fear, anger, distraction, or just simply my own agenda.

Dailies cultivate a practice of mindfulness.  They are actions I can take that keep me grounded, aware, and tapped into an inner voice.

Dailies remind me that I am an eternal being, on this earth to awaken to my deeper purpose and identity.  Without dailies, I am easily hypnotized by the stream of life’s events, and I begin to think that life is about all the STUFF that fills it.

Dailies are NOT checklist items that guarantee me an outcome.  Dailies are efforts I make to put God at my center one moment at a time and keep the busy-ness of life in perspective.

Dailies are NOT checklist items that give me a sense of security: If I check off the boxes, I am a good person.  If I don’t, I am not.  This mindset is unhealthy and flawed.

Rather, dailies are intended to keep me in practice of turning my mind and will over to the care of God as I understand Him.  They are the means to a much greater end.  They are not the end in themselves.

Some of my most treasured dailies include:

  • beginning my day from the moment I open my eyes with a Step 3 prayer.  This gives me power and perspective from the start
  • listening to recovery or spiritually-centered content when I am driving or exercising
  • journaling to figure out where I am at, what I am feeling, and to sort out what is mine and what is not (God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference)
  • listening to uplifting music
  • practicing yoga
  • meditating on my Higher Power–climbing into His lap and feeling His love and protection
  • meditating on releasing negative emotions and fears–giving them a shape and color and letting them go

What dailies are helping YOU to transform your life?

4 thoughts on “Can Dailies Transform Your Life?”

  1. I’ve recently started writing down the important things I want to do during the day and then going to God with my list and asking Him if there is anything He would change and in what order my priorities should be. It helps me connect to Him and invite Him into my day and my schedule. I’m still trying to do it more consistently, but I’ve noticed a difference when I do it, even if I don’t get to it first thing in the morning.

  2. When I 1st wake up I try to go right into my Spiritual Process of learning and growth. Reading Scripture messages and trying to meditate how they apply to me in my life. I then listen to a Spiritual Talk. As I leave my home for the day I have prayer with God and talk with Him about the Day where I am at and what I would like me intent to be for the day for instant like “Gratitude”. I then try to turn my will to His in Thy Will Be Done. Then I try to go forward and serve myself and others during the Day. I guess I try to follow this simple solution.
    I guess my dailies are what I do to keep God at my center each moment , each hour , each day.

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