SAL 12-Step is a subset of S.A. Lifeline Foundation and is committed to providing free, lifelong support through traditional, spiritually based, non-denominational, gender-specific, trauma-sensitive, sponsor-essential, 12-step meetings for men and women experiencing unwanted sexual behavior and betrayal trauma. We have found that working the Steps with a sponsor and a community of people who are also actively working their recovery is the most essential element of lifelong recovery and continual mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

A consistent format is an important and unique element of the SAL 12-Step program. No matter which meeting is attended, in-person or online, members can expect a familiar experience.

Each SAL 12-Step group is autonomous but is required to adhere to the format and use approved scripts and readings. Meetings occur weekly at the same time and same place. Meetings start on time and end on time. Group moderators read from authorized scripts. Meetings last 90 minutes and include four segments. (Learn more about what to expect from women’s meetings and men’s meetings by listening to our podcast.)

What are the 12 Tenets of SAL 12-Step?
1- SAL recognizes sexual addiction to be a behavioral addiction
2- SAL recognizes Betrayal Trauma and has symptoms of PTSD
3- Living in recovery requires strenuous work and cannot be done in isolation
4- Recovery is possible for those who are rigorously honest and follow certain steps
5- Abstinence is a basic requirement for recovery
6- The work of recovery from both sexual addiction and betrayal trauma is similar
7- SAL recognizes the work of recovery is multi-faceted
8- SAL 12-Step meetings are gender specific
9- SAL views sexual addiction and betrayal trauma though a trauma-informed lens
10- SAL 12-Step meetings are God centered and non-denominational
11- All SAL-12 meeting follow consistent procedures guidelines
12- SAL 12-Step groups function autonomously

1. Opening – 25 minutes

Call to order reading; opening prayer from the heart; opening readings, introductions (online participants must be onscreen for their brief introduction for safety of the group); recognize sobriety milestones with chips; announcements; and group business.

2. Step Study or occasional topic study – 30 minutes

Members read aloud from the approved material list. Members offer comments that are relevant to the topic. Such comments are brief and are based on personal experiences of strength and hope. Step study is intended to guide the group to a meaningful recovery-based discussion.

3. Member shares – 30 minutes

Shares may include personal religious experiences; however, proselytizing is not appropriate. Respect of all religious beliefs is fundamental to group unity. Shares are recovery-based and should take approximately 2 to 3 minutes or may be longer for smaller groups. Sharing is always voluntary.

4. Closing – 5 minutes

The last five minutes includes silent goal setting and personal reflection on recovery commitments; closing readings and a prayer from the heart, offered for the group by a member.

We aim to provide the best support and resources available to individuals working the 12 Steps for Addiction and Trauma recovery, including specific curriculums for sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. More information regarding our 12-Step program & online courses can be found at

The main difference between SAL & SA/S-Anon is that SAL meetings are gender-specific, whereas SA/S-Anon are not. SAL believes that, due to the nature of sexual addiction, keeping meetings gender-specific is an important safety factor.

Additionally, SAL provides more organizational structure for our program.  We strive to offer a uniform experience whether SAL meetings are held in Alaska, Texas, or in cyberspace, where people can expect the same format and procedures, the same emphasis on accountability and sponsorship, and the same focus on the God of your understanding at the center of recovery.  SAL also offers additional resources such as The Circles Models, The Recovery Puzzle, and the Courses and Curriculums offered through

SAL has the highest respect for SA and S-Anon and uses their literature with gratitude and respect for copyright.

We recognize that sexual addiction and betrayal trauma are not gender specific issues. However, because SAL 12-Step meetings are run by volunteers working their own recovery, we must have a minimum of 3 qualified individuals to run meetings. We have attempted numerous times to start men’s betrayal trauma meetings and women’s sexual addiction meetings without success. We hope to start these meetings in the future.