Parents, friends, and faith leaders are often the first to be approached for help and support by those who are suffering from the effects of pornography or sexual addiction. Thus, these support people are uniquely positioned to make a dramatic impact in the lives of individuals who are struggling with addiction or betrayal trauma. Addiction and trauma thrive where there is shame, secrecy, and ignorance.

Once we gain knowledge about the spiritual, physical, emotional and social destruction caused by pornography use or other illicit sexual behaviors, we will be better equipped to lead and instruct effectively.

When we learn to recognize the signs of pornography or sexual addiction and betrayal trauma, and know the essential components to healing and recovery, we can win this war one soul, one couple, one family at a time. 

S.A. Lifeline’s support program provides resources and education to help loved ones navigate the challenges of addiction and trauma and find a path to healing. Learn more about sexual addiction, betrayal trauma, and the road to recovery. Find the resources you need today.

What elements are necessary to achieve long-term recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma?

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