Women’s Working Recovery Bundle + New SAL Book


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The Women’s Working Recovery Bundle includes the primary study materials that women use in SAL meetings and for their own personal study.

    • S-Anon 12-Steps (also known as The Blue Book)
    • Working the S-Anon Program (also known as The Green Book)
    • The NEW SAL Book
    • The S.A. Lifeline Recovery Tri-Fold Brochure

These books are also used in the Women’s 12-Step Curriculum Course.

Shipping & Handling included.


The NEW SAL Book

The new SAL Book represents the experience of S.A. Lifeline Foundation and SAL 12 Step. It includes descriptions of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma and the associated work and hope for recovery. We are not professionals in this work. We offer our experience with the intent of giving hope and tools for long lasting recovery to those who share our challenges.

The SAL Book provides important education and insights for those who desire to help and support those who suffer from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.

A significant portion of this book is devoted to Member Shares, written by anonymous SAL members. These are included with the hope that others may benefit from reading experiences about their personal work of recovery.

The S.A. Lifeline Recovery Tri-Fold Brochure

The S.A. Lifeline Recovery Tri-Fold brochure includes the following:

  • The Recovery Puzzle
  • The Circle’s Models

These educational tools are unique to S.A. Lifeline and are extremely helpful in explaining the big picture of addiction and betrayal trauma recovery.