SAL Women’s Retreat–A Participant Shares

We are so grateful for the opportunity to rub shoulders with 25 amazing women who came to this year’s SAL Women’s Retreat.

Special thanks to Katelyn, for offering her strength, hope, and experience in this post.

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The ten-hour journey to the retreat this year didn’t seem so far. The year before I was dealing with crippling anxiety as I was still in heavy trauma. This trip I was able to be my own witness to my recovery as I felt more calm and serene. I drove through the entire state of Idaho and down into the Utah mountains past Spanish Fork to the Peaceful Creek Ranch.

Peaceful Creek Ranch was truly as its name suggests, peaceful. The home was bright, open, and inviting with views of the mountains through every window. Familiar and new faces arrived that afternoon at the ranch. Upon arrival we were given a “One day at a time” shirt and a welcome bag with the serenity prayer on the outside. Inside, it was filled with self-care items, a journal, water bottle, God box, and more.

We had two days together at the ranch. We spent our time:

  • Eating delicious catered food
  • Meeting for Step study 1, 2, & 3 led by Kahi
  • Breakout sessions
  • Listening and asking questions to Adam Moore
  • Experiencing guided meditation and yoga with Holly
  • Facials by Tosha
  • Group exercise with Becky
  • Lunch with Rhyll and Steven
  • Playing getting to know you games
  • Enjoying free time

For me the retreat is truly a retreat as I am surrounded by other women who truly know the heartache and pain that this addiction has caused. I met a new woman this year, (let’s call her Emma). Emma and I were able to connect instantly. There was no need to explain anything about why we were there. She shared her story with me, and I could empathize with her. After the retreat, Emma told me that in that moment, it was the first time she shared her story. I felt honored to be the one to hold that space for her. The year previous, so many other women did that for me.

My intentions for this year’s retreat were to be present and to be a witness. I could look back and notice that last year I had a difficult time being present. This year, I could feel with others, and enjoy each minute I had there. I was able to be a witness to my own progress in recovery and a witness to many other women in their own recovery. I also was able to be of service to my other travelers and that filled me with joy.

Each year it’s been difficult to leave all these beautiful women. They have taught me so much about vulnerability, surrender, how to see my Higher Power in my life, and about unconditional love. I take parts of them home with me because of the connection I’ve made with them.

Before leaving the ranch we all stand in a circle. One person starts by putting their hand on the back of the person next to them. They turn to them and say, “(insert name) you are supported”. This is repeated until it’s gone around the whole circle.

With that I say to all the women in recovery, you are supported! There is so much strength and hope to be found as we work recovery together one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time.

4 thoughts on “SAL Women’s Retreat–A Participant Shares”

  1. As a retreat newbie this year I was blown away by the courage and strength that surrounded me…so eternally grateful for the opportunity to attend and I am definitely planning to attend again! Can we have a retreat monthly??????

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