Summer Apologies & Conference Save the Date

So, one of my favorite recovery mantras and self-checks can be found in this short list:


Time for some accountability.

My life this summer has been unmanageable!  I apologize for taking a break from the blog. There is no big problem going on, just 5 kids home on summer vacation and an endless barrage of breaking up arguments, planning outings, enforcing chores, policing screen time, and trying to find time to fit in the essentials of running a household.  Not to mention my own recovery work.

I have missed writing for you, and for me.  I will be back on a regular basis once school is in.  Thanks for your patience and compassion!

If your summer has been unmanageable, comment on this post and let us know how you are managing to keep recovery in the forefront of the chaos.  We’d all love some tips and tricks, myself included!

Until then, soldier on, sisters.  Even if life looks a little more chaotic these summer months…find ways to keep working it!  It works!  And we are worth it!

Oh…and by the way….here’s a Save the Date for our Annual Conference…this time it will be a 12 Step Conference and we will spend the whole day talking about how to actually work recovery.  Very exciting!!  Mark your calendars, book your flights, and plan to be there!


2 thoughts on “Summer Apologies & Conference Save the Date”

  1. My life has been very unmanageable this past summer. Our summer got off to a rough start when we found out our son had been sexually abused by an older neighbor boy. We were devastated, in shock, and got him right in therapy. My husband relapsed right after that. He did not tell me for 3 weeks, had no consequences for himself. I started to feel resentful, untrusting, and angry. Then I caught my spouse acting out and he denied it but then came forward and again shared he’d had so many slips in the last year that were undisclosed.

    More and more my emotions grew out of control and I realized how unmanageable my life had become. I’m working step 1 again and focusing on letting go of control, being a victim, and using more self care, more self compassion. I am experiencing a lot of trauma currently. Sometimes I get really busy, sometimes I freeze. Sometimes I don’t know what to do and don’t remember to use my tools. I often want to run away from my life. But I’m working on turning to god and surrendering. I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Will Jill’s presentation from last year’s conference be put online? And Adam’s “Part II”? I loved last year’s conference!

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