2024 S.A. Lifeline Annual Conference

Recovering Individuals, Healing Families

September 26 - 28, 2024 | Virtual Event

At S.A. Lifeline, we understand the pain and hopelessness that can accompany habitual pornography use/sex addiction and the resulting betrayal trauma. We look forward to sharing our experience, strength and hope at our annual conference with those who are struggling, their loved ones and other supporters. S.A. Lifeline believes that recovering individuals leads to the healing of families.

Event Details

Date: September 26-28, 2024

Cost: Individual tickets for the three-day event start at $69 (early bird price).

We are thrilled to make this event available to a wide audience using Whova.

You will watch and participate from your home. It is virtual, but very much interactive!

The audience will be able to:

  • Fill out polls and surveys
  • Interact and ask questions on the community board
  • Download PDFs and worksheets
  • Ask questions of presenters including during live Q&A’s
  • Gain access to recordings post-conference


Find hope, find healing. Come heal with us.

Meet the Headliner Speakers

Dan Drake headshot

Dan Drake, LMFT, LPCC

Presentation: “How to Do Disclosures Right: A Partner-Sensitive, Relationship-Restoring Approach to Navigating the Full Disclosure Process”

Dan Drake is a licensed clinician, and he is the Founder and Clinical Director of Banyan Therapy Group in Los Angeles, California.

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He is a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist Supervisor and a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Supervisor. Along with Dr. Janice Caudill he co-founded Kintsugi Recovery Partners and co-authored 5 books in the Full Disclosure Series with her.

Dan has co-authored several other books, including Building True Intimacy: Creating a Connection that Stands the Test of Time and Letters from a Sex Addict: My Life Exposed. Dan is a husband and a father to two amazing kids and two fur babies.

In his passion to help sex addicts, their partners, and families restore relational, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness to their lives, Dan strives to provide a safe environment where his clients can grow and heal. www.kintsugirecoverypartners.com.

Janice Caudill headshot

Janice Caudill, PhD

Presentation: “How to Do Disclosures Right: A Partner-Sensitive, Relationship-Restoring Approach to Navigating the Full Disclosure Process”

Janice is a psychologist, licensed through PSYPACT for tele-therapy in most states.

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She is a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist-Supervisor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist-Supervisor, Certified Partner Trauma Therapist–Supervisor, certified Partner Betrayal Trauma Therapist, and certified Intimacy Anorexia Therapist. She is one of the founding members of the APSATS, and participated in the development of a trauma model for partner betrayal.

Janice is the founder of Intensive Recovery Healing and Intensive Recovery Coaching, which specializes in customized intensives and other services for partner betrayal trauma, recovery from problematic sexual behavior, and other relational traumas.

Janice and Dan Drake are the authors of his and hers companion workbooks for helping couples navigate a therapeutic disclosure of sexual betrayal:
Full Disclosure: Seeking Truth After Sexual Betrayal – 3 Volume Series
Full Disclosure: Sharing the Truth After Sexual Betrayal


Crystal Hollenbeck

Crystal Hollenbeck, PhD

Presentation: “Betrayal Trauma Anger”

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is a Relationship Expert, Sex Therapist, and Trauma Specialist.

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Her credentials include AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), APSATS Certified Partner Specialist, and Certified Anger Management Specialist. She is the author of Betrayal Trauma Anger: You’re not Crazy, You’re Angry, And You Should Be! | How to process complex anger while healing from the impact of sexual betrayal.

She has offices in Orlando and Tampa, Florida and her Three Day Intensives are attended by people from the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Jake Porter headshot

Jake Porter, LPC

Presentation: “Healing the Couple”

Dr. Jake Porter is a Board Certified Counselor, Rice University Doerr Institute Certified Professional Coach, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Supervisor, Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist, APSATS Certified Clinical Partner Specialist, and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator.

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He is also the creator of Couple–Centered Recovery®, a model for treating attachment wounds of couples experiencing the trauma of betrayal.

Dr. Jake is a Level III PACT Clinician and has undergone extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, an evidence–based treatment for couples who have suffered attachment injuries. He has worked with couples from around the world who have travelled to Houston for treatment of severe attachment injuries and relational trauma.

Jake lives in Houston with his wife, Kristen, and daughters, Magnolia Jane and Lottie Jo.

Panel and Breakout Session Leaders

Tara McCausland headshot

Tara McCausland, S.A. Lifeline Ex. Director

Tammy Gustafson

Tammy Gustafson, LPC

Steven Croshaw headshot

Steven Croshaw, S.A. Lifeline Founder

Sherry Young, PhD, CSAT

Sherry Young, PhD, CSAT

Roy Kim headshot

Roy Kim, LMFT, CSAT, Author

Rhyll Croshaw headshot

Rhyll Croshaw, S.A. Lifeline Founder

Rae Emerson headshot

Rae Emerson, CPLC

MJ Denis headshot


Jill Manning headshot

Jill Manning, PhD

Jessica Eidens

Jessica Eidens, LMHC

Eddie Capparucci headshot

Eddie Capparucci, PhD, LPC

Janice Caudill headshot

Janice Caudill, PhD

Register Today!

Our 2024 conference is being held virtually via the interactive platform, Whova.

A replay of sessions will be available for a limited time after the event.

Tickets start at $69.

Conference Overview

Day 1 | Thursday, Sept 26: Sexual Addiction

Note: The entire conference is designed to be relevant to all participants. All times shown in Mountain Time.

9:00 AM*

Welcome and Headliner Speakers

Dan Drake, LMFT, LPCC and Janice Caudill, PhD: “How to do Disclosures Right: A Partner-Sensitive, Relationship-Restoring Approach to Navigating the Full Disclosure Process”

10:15 AM

Breakout Session 1

Eddie Capparucci, Ph.D., LPC: “Utilizing the Inner Child Model for Treating Addictive Behaviors”

Sherry Young, PhD: “Carl Young, The Archetypes of Addiction, Figural Approach to Treatment of Sex, Substance, and Food”

11:15 AM

Breakout Session 2

Roy Kim, LMFT, CSAT, Author: “Why Group Work is Such a Game Changer for Recovery”

Steven Croshaw, Co-founder of S.A. Lifeline: “Circles Models of Sexual Addiction”

1:00 PM

Sexual Addiction Recovery Panel w/ SAL 12-Step members

2:15 PM

Day 1 Wrap-up

Day 2 | Friday, Sept 27: Betrayal Trauma

9:00 AM

Welcome and Headliner Speaker

Crystal Hollenbeck, PhD., LMHC: “Betrayal Trauma Anger”

10:15 AM

Breakout Session 1

Rae Emerson: “Alone in the Aftermath: Healing from Betrayal when Your Relationship Doesn’t Survive”

Janice Caudill, PhD: “Gaslighting & Manipulation: How to Deal and Heal”

11:15 AM

Breakout Session 2

Jill Manning, PhD: “The Scoop on Snooping Behaviors in the Wake of Sexual Betrayal”

Rhyll Croshaw, Co-founder of S.A. Lifeline: “Circles Models of Betrayal Trauma”

1:00 PM

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Panel w/ SAL 12-Step members

2:15 PM

Day 2 Wrap-up

Day 3 | Saturday, Sept 28: Healing Couples and Families

9:00 AM

Welcome and Headliner Speaker

Dr. Jake Porter, LPC, CSAT-S: “Healing the Couple”

10:15 AM

Breakout Session 1

Jessica Eidens, LMHC, CMHS: “After the Disclosure: A Guide Toward Family Health”

Tammy Gustafson, LPC: “Reclaiming Safety: Navigating Power Dynamics After Betrayal”

11:05 AM

Breakout Session 2

MJ Denis, LPC, LMFT, Certified Sex Therapist: “Sexual Intimacy After Betrayal”

Rhyll and Steven Croshaw: Circles Models and Healing the Marriage & Family

12:00 PM

Live Q&A Session with Headliner Speakers

1:00 PM

Recovery Panel: Healing Couples and Families

2:00 PM

Live Round Table Q&A with Breakout Presenter

***Requires add-on ticket to participate — limited seats.

3:15 PM

Day 3 Wrap-up

Register Today!

Tickets start at $69.