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S.A. Lifeline is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that offers a pathway of hope and healing to those who are struggling with compulsive pornography use/ sexual addiction and their affected loved ones.  We have found that individuals who choose a God-centered recovery mindset and lifestyle of learning, accountability, and connection are better able to heal their marriages and families and break the cycle of addiction.

S.A. Lifeline strives to provide hope and healing from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma by:

  • Providing Quality Education and events focused on sexual addiction and betrayal trauma and a pathway to recovery
  • Encouraging Spiritual Connection and providing a safe healing Community through SAL 12-Step sex addiction and betrayal trauma meetings
  • Emphasizing Appropriate Boundaries and Bottom Lines for safety
  • Recommending Qualified Therapy

To learn more about our proven approach to long-term recovery, see our RECOVERY PUZZLE.

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