Qualified Therapy

Finding professional counseling is essential to the recovery process.

Most individuals and couples struggling with the impact of pornography will benefit from a combination of individual, couple, and group treatment.


Questions to Qualify a Therapist

Support groups or 12-Step programs are not substitutes for therapeutic treatment.

In selecting a therapist, the following considerations may be helpful:

 checkbox-checked-gray Ask the therapist if he or she is a member of a national organization for treatment of sexual addiction and if he or she has received specific certification or training.

Good therapists specializing in other psychological problems may not necessarily be the best for treating sexual behavior.

checkbox-checked-gray How many years of experience does he or she have treating problems associated with sexual addiction? 

checkbox-checked-gray Are counseling services provided for the non-addicted spouse?

Involvement of the non-addicted spouse in therapy is paramount for the spouse’s personal wellbeing and also for the health of the marriage.

checkbox-checked-gray Does the therapist or clinic provide group therapy?

Experience has shown that recovery is enhanced when individuals participate in group therapy.

checkbox-checked-gray What does the therapist believe that the effects of viewing pornography are?

Therapists often have varying opinions regarding whether the viewing of pornography and engaging in related sexual activities are problematic behaviors. Make certain that the therapist you are seeing shares your beliefs and value system.

checkbox-checked-gray Does the therapist believe that pornography use can be classified as an addiction?

Therapists who do not believe pornography is addictive will probably not be effective in treatment.

checkbox-checked-gray What steps are considered necessary to recovery?

Some therapists do not believe recovery is possible or do not exhibit a strong understanding of what recovery requires.

checkbox-checked-gray How does the therapist define recovery and measure success in treating those who view pornography?

Discovering how a therapist defines recovery can also help gauge the effectiveness of treatment.

SA Lifeline refers its members to the most highly-qualified sex therapists in the nation that share our value and belief systems regarding sexual addiction and the spiritual nature of recovery.


Feedback from a Therapist

quotes   I learned about SA Lifeline Foundation five years ago. I heard from other therapists that their 12 step groups were far superior to what was being offered in other, similar groups in the area. After sending a few clients to the groups and getting great feedback, I made a decision to send all of my clients to these groups.

Now, my team of seven therapists and I almost exclusively use SA Lifeline as our go-to source for 12-step recovery work to complement our therapy. We have sent hundreds of people to these groups over the past four years and without exception, our clients are being helped.

In fact, I feel that SA Lifeline groups have made a huge difference in our therapy outcomes. Our clients who attend group fare far better than those who don’t. I’m very grateful for the Foundation for offering these groups for our clients to use.

We’re also grateful to the Foundation for the great publications it produces. We often send our clients to their site to purchase materials to support their recovery. I hope to have many years of collaboration with SA Lifeline Foundation in supporting recovery for the overwhelming numbers of people who are in need. quotes2

Dr. Adam M. Moore
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Utah Valley Counseling