Why should I go to the SA Lifeline Conference on October 14th?

We are excited to remind you of an upcoming annual event: the SA Lifeline Conference: Recovering Individuals, Healing Families.

If you are undecided on whether or not you should clear your calendar and get yourself there, here are my:

Top 3 Reasons to go to the SA Lifeline Conference on October 14th

1. You will leave this Conference knowing in deeper ways that you are not alone.  

Going to my first Conference, the 2015 UCAP, was a huge step forward in stepping out of a place of isolation and hiding, and into a place of community and healing.  Attending Conferences opens the door to connection.  It lifts the cloud of shame and invites a feeling of solidarity with people who are fighting the same fight.  Attending my first Conference was a concrete action I took to break through my fear of being seen.  It ended up being a true turning point in my recovery.

2. This Conference will address how to actually WORK recovery!

If you have attended other Conferences before, you probably left feeling more educated on the overall problem of addiction.  However, you may also have left wondering what recovery really looks and feels like.  The entire afternoon portion of this Conference will be for 12-Steppers ONLY, and we will tackle the ins-and-outs of actually living in recovery as an individual, couple, and family.  You will leave having had a chance to contribute to the discussion, and also able to learn from the strength, hope, and experience of hundreds of your fellows in recovery.

3. This Conference will  give you access to top-level qualified therapists for an incredibly low price.

When a typical therapy session costs around $100 per hour, it is indeed a steal to consider that you are getting some of the best material from 3 top therapists for the incredibly low price of $20 (Early Bird Pricing ends this Saturday, so register today!).  If you register for both Conferences, you will have the opportunity to hear from 2 therapists in the morning session, and will have an entire hour of Q&A with all 3 therapists to close the afternoon session.  You will have a chance to submit questions at the time of your registration.  This is an incredible opportunity to get some help from qualified therapy at a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one counseling session.

I hope you feel inspired that you DO need to be at the Conference on October 14th.  You won’t regret the time you spent nurturing your recovery.  As you find true peace and emotional health, your light will bring healing to your entire family.

More information on the Conference can be found below.

This Conference will be 2-part.  A morning session from 9-12 will be an SA Lifeline Foundation event, open to all people who are interesting in learning more about Betrayal Trauma, pornography and sexual addiction, and the many different aspects of recovery.

The morning keynote speaker will be Dr. Jill Manning, one of the top specialists in the field of Betrayal Trauma.

Morning presenters also include therapists Dr. Adam Moore, Dan Solen, and SAL members Steven & Rhyll Croshaw and Eva Calvillo Gordan.

The updated Understanding Pornography manual will also be unveiled at the morning Conference.  SA Lifeline feels so proud to publish this manual, arguably the best, most comprehensive resource of its kind.





The afternoon session from 1-4 pm will be a closed Conference for those working SAL 12 Step recovery only.  This will be an intensive Recovery Conference with different sessions presented as panel discussions or topic studies. Presenters will come with prepared material, but strength, hope, and experience from all of us “fellows among fellows” are encouraged.  The afternoon session will close with an hour-long Q&A.

We feel confident that everyone who attends will leave with a sense of hope, community, and a greater understanding of how individuals suffering from betrayal trauma or sexual addiction can truly recover.  And as individual recovery takes root, families will heal.  This is our experience, and our message.

We hope you will share this post with friends, family members, or church leaders who may benefit from the information presented.

Registration is open online for one or both Conferences.  Early Bird Pricing ends this Saturday!

We look forward to more SA Lifeline events in the coming year.

Watch your email and get ready to mark your calendars.


3 thoughts on “Why should I go to the SA Lifeline Conference on October 14th?”

    1. Yes!
      There will be a Parent Panel on Saturday, January 27th from 10-12 at Thanksgiving Point for parents of children who are struggling with pornography and sexual addiction.

      There will also be a Women’s Retreat May 3rd-5th and a Men’s Summer Social at the end of July.

      We are planning to have an annual Conference similar to this past one every October.

      Look on the website for more information to come on all of these upcoming events!

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