S.A. Lifeline Circle’s Model Bundle

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The S.A. Lifeline Circle’s Model Bundle is a great way to see the differences between addictive behaviors (which ultimately lead to acting out) and recovery behaviors.

The Circle’s Model also answers the following questions:

  1. Is using pornography a problem?
  2. Is recovery possible?
  3. How does one “work recovery”?
  4. What does “living in recovery” look like?
  5. How does pornography use affect the spouse?
  6. How does the spouse heal from betrayal trauma?
  7. How does pornography use affect the marriage?
  8. Can the distressed marriage be saved?
  9. How is the family impacted?
  10. How do healthy parents fortify children?

And much more.

Bundle includes 10 tri-fold documents.

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* 48 contiguous states

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