SAL Book (Digital PDF Version)




Content by Section

  1. Our Experience with Sexual Addiction and Betrayal Trauma
  2. The SA Lifeline Recovery Puzzle
  3. The SA Lifeline Circles Models
  4. Recovering Individuals
  5. Our Experience with Healing Families
  6. Basics of the SAL 12-Step Program
  7. SAL 12-Step Program Guidelines
  8. SAL 12-Step Meeting Readings

This SAL book represents the experience of S.A. Lifeline Foundation and SAL 12 Step. It includes descriptions of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma and the associated work and hope for recovery. We are not professionals in this work. We offer our experience with the intent of giving hope and tools for long lasting recovery to those who share our challenges. This book will also provide important education and insights for those who desire to help and support those who suffer from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.

A significant portion of this book is devoted to Member Shares, written by anonymous SAL members. These are included with the hope that others may benefit from reading experiences about their personal work of recovery