What Chewbacca Mom has to Teach Us about Recovery

Here at S.A.Lifeline Foundation, we are busy getting ready for the Conference on November 17th.  (We are SO excited for this–Register today if you haven’t yet!) When I met with Rhyll this past week, I bemoaned the fact that I had yet to write the Blog Post for this week, and worried how I would find the time to do it.

“Have you seen the Chewbacca Mom video?” she asked me.  I had not.

Stifling giggles, Rhyll proceeded to show me the Youtube video that went viral in 2016 with over 200 million views.  The Masked Mom, Candace Payne, has experienced childhood trauma, poverty, self-harm, and serious depression, but since her debut as “Chewbacca Mom” has since gone on to write best-selling books and get involved in worldwide charitable organizations.

Rhyll marveled that this hilarious, joyful video seems to embody many of the principles we embrace on our pathway to recovery.  She shared an article about Candace entitled “Defiant Joy Set Me Free!” from Women’s World.  I knew that my Blogging woes had found an answer in this beautiful and authentic woman.

Consider these wise words from Candace Payne and see if they resonate with your recovery journey:

Rewrite your Mental Script:

“When I was a child, we were homeless for a while, and that poverty mind-set followed me into my adulthood,” Candace shares. “It’s easy to feel like a victim of my circumstances, but when those old fears bubble up, it’s a cue to change my mental script. I remind myself that I already have it in me to make good decisions and build a happy life for my family and that God always provides.  It erases that old story and brings me peace.”

-Women’s World, 10/29/18, p.13

See yourself through God’s Eyes:

“Insecure thoughts have been a lifelong struggle for me,” admits Candace. “But when they pop up, I anchor myself in what God says about me: I am already loved. I am already seen. I am already enough. Whenever I feel insecure, I tell myself those truths, and it opens up the space for me to experience life and love fully without fear or embarrassment.”

-Woman’s World, 10/29/18, p.13

Embrace it all:

“I think sometimes we’re afraid to truly embrace joy, but we’re also equally afraid to embrace pain,” Candace says. “I grew up begin told to suck it up, and like so many people, I learned to shut my emotions down and wait until I was alone to cry. But now I give myself permission to feel what I need to feel when I need to feel it, without shame or fear…and it’s so freeing! Lately, those are the two biggest phrases in my life: to feel everything and fear nothing.”

-Woman’s World, 10/29/18, p.13

This Halloween, as you are putting masks on your little ones, or even yourself, I hope the thought of this video gives you a little giggle, or even a full belly laugh…and that today…despite whatever circumstance you may find yourself in, you will find a way to choose Defiant Joy!

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