Member Perspectives on the SA Lifeline October 2017 Conference

Were you able to attend the SA Lifeline October Conference?

We hope you were able to be there in person or even on Zoom, and that the event was a positive boost in your recovery.  We’d like to share some member perspectives on the Conference and ask you to share any “Ahas!” you found at the Conference as well.

We look forward to this fall Conference as an annual event, unique in that it offers a place for both education to the community as a whole, as well as serving as a forum specifically for 12-Steppers.  It is amazing to have a safe place where we can join as fellows among fellows working our own recovery to learn, grow, and connect with others who are actually working recovery.

Thanks to the over 250 people who were able to attend this year.  We look forward to learning from your strength, hope, and experience for years to come!

Thanks to the SAL members who offered their insights for this post.

Member Perspectives

“I appreciated Dr. Manning’s presentation.  During her presentation, I realized that I’ve jumped a step in my recovery process.  I’ve been trying to process everything first instead of building a safe space through boundaries, grounding skills, and building support through connections.  I’m grateful I was able to attend the conference so I could see this vital step that I have missed!”

“I learned that grit is having a growth mindset, and that you are more capable of doing things than you realize. Be intentional–do it on purpose!”

“As I think back to the Conference I feel very blessed to have been able to hear from 2 wonderful therapists who spoke about information I never heard before.  It was informative and a breath of fresh air.  I also really enjoyed the SAL (12 Step) Conference.  The moderator for the women’s discussion on trusting our intuition did a wonderful job and brought the spirit of truth.  I loved the Q&A Panel and only wish we had more time for that.  Overall there was a feeling of peace and connection I experienced.”

“As someone who has been working my personal recovery for over 6 years now I sometimes wonder if I will hear anything new at these Conferences. I have never been disappointed!

I was so grateful that Dr. Jill Manning validated through her recent findings in her research so many of the things I have experienced in my own journey.  It was so good for my husband to hear her validate that trauma too.

I was grateful for Dr. Adam Moore’s reminder that in order to recover weneed a community we can be vulnerable with.  SA Lifeline has provided that for me.  I also loved his idea that “over-communicating” with my husband when we are checking to see if our feelings are healthy (particularly around intimacy) was a really helpful reminder.

I am so excited about the new manual and it is nice to have it presented and summarized at the Conference.  I plan on purchasing multiple copies to share with my loved ones and church leaders.

I loved the ideas shared in the women’s breakout session concerning working through our negative feelings.  Her visual of benches for resting along the path of recovery was really helpful.”

“I learned that I can be patient with myself and my spouse as we work and learn how to work recovery.  Our marriage has been many years in the making, so it may be many years in learning how to be healthier.  Also, I am realizing how important the different parts of the recovery puzzle are in helping us to heal.”

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  1. This is such a great post. I love reading all the positive comments about the Conference. It was a wonderful conference and I’m grateful I was able to attend.

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